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Gorilla Gripper 'Advantage' 44015 General Purpose (GP) Panel Carrier System


Gorilla Gripper's 'Advantage' 44015 is a GP (General Purpose) Panel Carrier is a unique Lifting & Carrying System and is not just for construction industry. Its ergonomic design allows one person to carry heavy sheet goods (such as plywood, drywall, particle board, melamine, thick glass panels & lots of other such materials), from the top using only one hand. Comes with a ergo cushion-handle for all day comfort. The Gorilla Gripper® simplifies that task, greatly reduces the strain & risk of injury to the back, neck, shoulders, arms & hands.

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KLEIN 5101 BK Scissors Holder – Slotted


Klein 5101 Scissors Holder – Slotted

Leather construction. Riveted with clip on back for attaching to belt. Designed to hold Klein electrician's scissors, Cat. Nos. 2100-5 and 2100-7. Riveted to assure long life. 

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